How to Know When You Are Ovulating

How to Know When You Are Ovulating

How to know when you are ovulating

How To Know When You Are OvulatingBeing unable to get pregnant can cause great stress and pain to a woman. This problem can sometimes be caused by a variety of health reasons. However, some healthy and fertile women are unable to get pregnant due to wrong timing of sexual intercourse. You can greatly increase your chances of conceiving by having sex during ovulation.

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To know when the best time for having sex is, it is therefore important that you are able to identify signs of ovulation so that you get the timing right. The following are 5 ways of telling when you are ovulating.


1. Changes in the cervical mucus

Your cervical mucus is that sticky substance that women secrete from their cervix. It’s what gives you the natural lubrication when having sex, and it also helps in conception. When you are not ovulating, your cervical mucus will normally appear creamy or sticky. Sometimes, this mucus may be absent completely. During ovulation, there are changes in the amount and consistency of the mucus. It becomes less sticky and the amount increases. This is considered to be a very reliable way to tell when ovulation is taking place. However, women with antihistamines and Clomid may find it difficult to use this sign since these conditions are responsible for drying up of the cervical mucus even during ovulation. It is therefore important to go for medical check up if you do not have normal cervical mucus.

2. Increased desire for sex

Studies show that most women experience increased sexual desire a few days before ovulation. This is actually the appropriate time that you should have sex if you want to get pregnant. The increased sexual desire if brought about by increase in the level of sex hormones in the body during this period. It is also a natural adaptation of your body to ensure that conception takes place. It is important to note that sexual desire can diminish even at this time if you are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression. It is therefore important to deal with these problems so that you are in the right mood.

3. Tenderness of breasts

You may experience some tenderness of your breasts before and after ovulation. This tenderness is caused by the increased level of hormones which are essential to prepare the body in case you conceive. However, this may also occur shortly before menstruation. Fertility drugs may also cause this tenderness.

4. Changes in the position of the cervix

The position of the cervix may change shortly before ovulation. It moves a bit higher and becomes more open and softer. You can try to feel the difference through regular practice. This can help you if you are not able to see any difference in the amount and intensity of the cervical mucus at any time.

5. Changes in the basal temperature of the body

Progesterone hormone increases significantly after ovulation. This causes the temperatures to rise and remain high for some time. You can use basal temperature charts to track the ovulation period. This method will not help you to know when ovulation is about to occur but it will enable you to know when this event has just occurred.


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There are a variety of other methods that you could use. Some of these include ovulation predictor test kits and saliva ferning.

You do not need to use all of these options, but instead you can decide to use the one that gives you the clearest signs.

How to know when you are ovulating

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