Free BBT Chart With Printable BBT Charting Guide

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Free BBT Chart With Printable BBT Charting Guide

BBT ChartCharting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Cervical Mucus (CM) are natural free ways to find out when you are ovulating.

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Given that ovulation is essential in getting pregnant, how to know when you are ovulating and tracking your Basal Body Temperature on a BBT Chart are very important steps towards knowing when to have sex. By knowing the exact moment of your ovulation, you can determine when is your own best time to get pregnant.

To help you with BBT Charting, I have created the following handy printable BBT Chart for you.

The chart comes with complete instructions and will allow you to write down daily what your BBT and CM patterns are.



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Free BBT Chart

Click the following link to download the free BBT Chart.

To get ready to chart your Basal Body Temperature and track your Cervical Mucus, you need to first do the following.

1) Dowload the printable blank BBT chart.
2) Print out a good 6 or 7 charts so you can have them available.
3) If you do not yet have one, get a basal thermometer.

You can get one at which is a direct link to the #1 Advanced Computerized Basal Thermometer on

Once you’ve done those three things, here are your instructions of how to use the chart and the basal thermometer.

1) Begin with the day you get your period. Enter the date and the days of the week that match your menstrual cycle with day 1 being the day you get your period.

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2) Take your temperature using your basal thermometer every single day, also check your cervical mucus to see its consistency. Place a dot or some kind of mark (an X, a check mark, etc.) on the chart in the box that corresponds to your basal temperature is. Record what your cervical mucus looks and feels like (like sticky rice, like egg whites, etc.) Connect all the dots from day to day to see what your temperature fluctuations look like as the entire cycle progresses.

3) As you reach the end of your cycle, look back at your tracking history and see which was the day you ovulated. It usually corresponds to the last day that your cervical mucus looked like egg whites or the day right after. You should see a rise in basal temperature approximately 2 or 3 days later. Mark that day and take note of what day of your cycle that was.

4) On your next cycle, fill the chart again and notice if ovulation takes place on the same day. After doing this for several months, you will most probably see a pattern that will allow you to predict at what point in your cycle you will ovulate.

5) With this information, you may be able to predict your pattern of ovulation. If your pattern seems to point to you ovulating at the same point in your cycle every month, you’ll know exactly when to have sex.

Note: Every woman’s body is different. Make sure you pay close attention to your own pattern in order to see the signs of ovulation.

6) Have sex on alternating days right from three days before your expected ovulation through at least one day after you have shown signs that you’ve ovulated.

If you can afford to, start having sex 6 or even 7 days before your day of ovulation. Sperm can last for days once inside you and ovulation can sometimes come early. By having sex so early in the cycle, you reduce the chances that your body ovulates early and you miss your window of conception.

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Follow these instructions as you track your Basal Body Temperature and Cervical Mucus on your chart, and you’ll be maximizing your chances of conception!

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